Blackberry Meadows Baby Announcement!

It’s about time that we let you all know what has happened with those babies here at the farm!

Kristen and Nate were the first to introduce Zander Gray Johanson into the world on December 6th (right on time).  He’s a cute little boy and, at the moment, greatly resembles his dad – facial expressions and all!

On December 12th (12 days late), Greg and Jen were happy to bring Evelyn Wren Montgomery-Boulos into the world.  She’s a feisty little babe with a full head of black hair.

We’re happy to be settling down for the winter and glad to have time to adjust to being parents before the growing season sets in, full steam.

We look forward to introducing our newest farmers to all of you in the spring!

Happy Holidays!!
Jen, Greg, Evelyn (and Maggie), and Nate, Kristen and Zander.

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One Response to Blackberry Meadows Baby Announcement!

  1. Kathy Myers says:

    Dear Jen and everyone,

    Such adorable babes. Glad to hear the good news. Merry Christmas to all.

    Kathy Myers

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