Spring is in the air!

We’re all enjoying this oddly warm winter, aren’t  you?  Granted, a good bout of snow and freezing temperatures is a good thing for a farm, but boy-o-boy this sunshine feels good!

We’ve had a couple months to adjust to parenthood and to witness how quickly little babies grow!  Evelyn and Zander are a handful!  We keep dreaming of the day when they can actively be a part of the farm and experience the wonders of growing good food and the intricacies of a healthy farm ecosystem.  We’re starting them out on the right foot now, with new farm animals!

Please welcome Miss Ella and the Three Little Pigs!  Ella and the pigs arrived at our farm just after Christmas.  We bought Ella, our Jersey cow, from a young lady who had raised her as a 4H project.  We were looking for a manageable ‘first’ cow.  What luck!  We love Ella, as she’s super friendly, loves to have her head scratched, is halter trained, and good with people.  She’s really adorable!  To add to her charm, she’s going to provide us with an additional baby here on the farm. She’s due to calf any day now.  We don’t really know what we’re getting into, with birthing calves or milking cows, but you gotta start somewhere, right? We are looking forward to fresh milk, making butter, cheese and ice cream and having another new baby around!

To top off the cute factor, Nate brought back 3 little piggies.  Now, they are super cute too, and love to have their heads and haunches scratched.  They are so full of personality!  In this cold weather, they burrow down into the fresh straw bedding, all three lined up like little sausages . . . . .hmmmm.

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