Spring is in the air

Just a quick check in – although it’s snowy and crisp out, we can tell that the weather is changing.  Maybe it’s the angle of the sun and the songs of birds in the trees – but it’s here.  The time has come to think about how we are going to start as many seedlings as possible in the basement, before we have to turn on the heaters in the greenhouse.  We’ve got a mountain of a manure pile that needs to be spread on the fields.  The chickens are starting to pick up their end of the deal and are cranking out the eggs.  The farms abuzz!


Evelyn is growing quickly.  She’s a smart little whip with quite a vocabulary, almost potty trained (honestly, we haven’t been pushing her either!), and enjoying the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster of a two-year old.

eggsWe’re looking forward to another great growing season!  We’re branching out with more heirloom varieties of tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.  There are plans for a 1/2 acre pumpkin patch (PYO for our CSA members!), and goals of planting more perennial fruits.
Hopefully this cold, cold winter will help control the bug population (unfortunately, the poor bees have had a hard time staying warm too), and we’ll get a break from that hurdle!

Stay warm and stay in touch!

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