Ready. Set. GO!

P1020747Ohh – they say this weather is going to break. We’re going to make it into the 50’s. That’s down-right balmy, and a recipe for MUD. I have personally enjoyed this winter, granted, a small case of cabin fever is starting to creep into our cozy home. There’s a crack in our chimney pipe – so we can’t heat the house with wood until Greg can safely climb up on our metal roof and fix the seal. Sure, we’ve got backup baseboard heaters – but there’s just something ‘wintery’ about stoking a fire throughout the day.

P1030879Our greenhouse is in shambles, to be honest. Last fall, we tore out the south facing tables and built a raised bed of cinder blocks, in order to house a hundred or so rosemary plants. In fact, the whole greenhouse table infrastructure is due for a re-fab. Not a small project, especially when you consider that we’re going to integrate about 50 275 gallon totes of water into the design. At the most basic level, they will serve as a heat-sink throughout the winter – keeping the ambient temps up in the greenhouse on those arctic nights. Ideally, they will be filled with Tilapia – creating a closed circuit aquaponics system, much like they have over at Growing Power.

8535_525391296176_170502083_31320250_6588917_nBut – we need to consider the heart of the matter. It’s smack dab in the middle of February and there are seeds that need to be planted. We’ll create a small nursery for the early seedlings (peppers, onions, leeks, brassicas, etc.) in our basement with grow lights and warm water. Eventually, we’ll out grow this space and have to move to the greenhouse. It’s no small task keeping that place warm, and many a sleepless night are spent wondering if the heaters are doing their job. Will all our little babies make it through the frigid nights?



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2 Responses to Ready. Set. GO!

  1. Amen to the recipe for mud. I was feeling a little ungrateful that I wasn’t more excited about the sudden rise in temperature – I think I prefer the snow to the mud. But, I’m ready for it to be over anytime now. Good news, I’ve heard of three robin sightings recently…

    I have greenhouse envy already – what a great idea. I was pretty inspired by Will Allen’s system too, but aside from eating them, I don’t feel the calling to raise fish. Too many winter chores involving water already, lol.

    Stay warm & safe 🙂

  2. Rosemarie Haugh says:

    I love the pictures . Every season has it’s own beauty.

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