Invite to returning CSA members: Time to join!

It’s that time of year again!  Our seed orders are in and we’re going to be putting seeds to soil before you know it!

Since you were a member last year – you can join at last year’s prices. Please see the attached documentPrint out the Shareholder agreement form and mail it in with a check.

This year we’re increasing our heirloom varieties – with more colors of tomatoes (white, purple, green, and variegated), unusual squashes, and unique greens.  Of course, there’s going to be the old-standbys that you can expect to see too.  I wish there was a way that we could post up our seed purchases online – then you could get a detailed view of what we’re putting in the ground this year!  We spend about $2000 on seeds each year, then another $2000 on potting soil and organic soil amendments.  Then, there’s irrigation supplies, row cover, fuel for the tractors and heat for the greenhouse.  Our organic certification usually costs around $1000, then taxes, the mortgage….. you know how it goes – it all adds up!

This is why running a CSA program is so cool.  You folks help defray a lot of these up front costs – helping to disperse our flow (in and out) of cash throughout the growing season.

So – please sign up!  You can join the CSA as a basic share, half share (every other week pick up), or plus share (2 times a basic share, every week – the most economical – buddy up with a friend and enjoy the savings!).

We’re adding a new drop site this year – up in Butler Co.  at the intersection of Bonniebrook Rd and Rt 422, at Crossfit Bonniebrook.  So, if you know folks  up that way that would like to join a Certified Organic CSA – send them our way! (The 2014 shareholder agreement and pricing in on our homepage at )

New members for 2014 can go to our homepage and download the 2014 shareholder agreement.

If you end up recommending our CSA to a friend and they sign up – please encourage them to give us your name.  We’ll give you a $20 credit for purchases towards our farm products – like eggs, meats, cheeses, honey, etc.!

If you would like to join as a workshare – member and trade your CSA share for labor – please get in touch!
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