The value of work shares…

Each year we are blessed by about 10-15 Work Share CSA members. A Work Share is an opportunity for folks to experience a bit of farm life, get some fresh air and exercise, and help us out. In exchange, these wonderful members get a weekly CSA share and a great community meal.


Each Tuesday (June- October) from 9:00 am – 1:30 pm our work share members show up for a (half) day on the farm. Mostly they help with harvesting and washing vegetables – but will sometimes be put to a group chore.

We farm about 13 acres in veggies, fruits, legumes, grains, and cover crops. We harvest for about 150 CSA members and 2 farmers markets. With two full time farmers and a crew of (ideally) 5 apprentices, it’s just about all we can do to keep up with everything. So, our weekly influx of Work Shares helps relieve the pressure of a big harvest. Many hands make light work.


Its an experience that even folks on a busy schedule can appreciate. The field conversations are as exciting as receiving the freshly picked vegetables at the end!  Since we all work side by side and switch crews constantly, everyone has a chance to get to know new people and to collectively share their knowledge of growing food and preserving the harvest.  Of course the farmers and apprentices are always around to answer questions and contribute a tid-bit of farm wisdom, there’s no school in the nation that could provide such a rich and rewarding curriculum!  After an action packed morning of harvesting and weeding, we all break for lunch at 1:30 pm.

Work Shares are invited to eat with us, of course. It’s a great opportunity to sit down with the whole crew (sometimes over 20 people!), talk about life and the farm and eat a great home cooked meal. Most people wait until late November to have a once-a-year huge home-cooked meal, but here at Blackberry Meadows its a weekly event, not to be missed!  The rich diversity of our food community, the laughs we share about field follies and failed recipes and of course being able to enjoy a fine dessert!  After stuffing themselves with food and good tidings, they grab their CSA shares and go home to take a nap!

We always welcome inquiries for new Work Share members, so please get in touch. We typically accept about 5 new members each season. You can send questions to




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