August 17th 2015 Newsletter

The Weekly Menu

What you can roughly expect to receive each week:

Here’s where we list what is going to be in the weekly shares.  What we think we will harvest when writing the newsletter – may not necessarily be what’s actually ready on harvest day.  We’ll do our best to get it right!

This week: Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Italian (Corno Di Toro) Sweet Pepper, Purple Pepper, Apples, Squash, and Cukes.

Here we are, at the half-way mark, Week 10

Greg is still fighting with that tractor.  He said he wanted to flip it over, down the hill and into the neighbors yard.  It’s a small enough tractor, I think he could do it!  There’s something up with the fuel line, so he installed a second fuel filter and that seems to have helped for now.  That means: we have herbs (cilantro and parsley), baby mustard mixes, and crazy radishes (Nero di Tondo, Watermelon, and Scarlet) seeded finally!

We’ve been busy putting the broccoli, kale, cabbage, leeks, lettuce and bok choy in the fields and have been taking advantage of the dry weather to get some tractor work done.  We’ve been running irrigation a lot and now we’re praying for rain!  Greg has harvested his first field of hay ever!

Even though our deer fence is amazing… it has a flaw.  It’s not keeping the wild turkeys out of the field.  They’ve been pecking at our tomatoes and now have discovered our watermelons!!  We’ll try covering the melons with row cover and hope that the bees can still find their way in to continue pollinating.

We also have baby ducks!  Our Mama Muskovy duck has hatched about 15 ducklings!!

Next Month:  Outdoor Movie Night!! Sept 19th   Please RSVP

We’re excited to try out a new idea – we’re going to have a movie night at the farm.  We’ll choose a ‘kid friendly’ movie -(recommendations are welcome!), and try to start it as early as the daylight will allow.  The sun sets around 7 in mid September – so the show will start around 8 pm.  

We’ll provide popcorn – you bring refreshments, a blanket, bug spray and have fun!

Play Date at the Farm!

Last week we had a small group of kids.  Again a quick visit to the barn and the rest of the morning was spent on the playground and the sandbox.  We’ll do another one next friday 9:30 – 12:00.  It’s a great opportunity for your kids to get some farm time!

Here’s a couple interesting links to articles about farm exposure and allergies:

Hay Fever

New York Times Article

Join us for a day with Farm Family Kindermusik on Saturday morning, September 19th.  (Weather Permitting)

Help Celebrate!  Christa Beck (one of our long-time CSA members).  She’s been teaching Kindermusik in the Alle-Kiski Valley for 15 years now!


1212 Carlisle Street

Natrona HeightsPA  15065 

Local Goods:

Natrona Bottling Co. – Brewed fresh here in Natrona, this beverage is High Fructose Corn Syrup Free and Local!  If you’re gonna eat junk food – it might as well be local junk food!
Allegro Hearth Bakery Fresh bread and sweets available at the farm pickup only.  Made fresh every Tuesday night – amazing stuff!
Jarosinski Farm – we’re excited to be working with Kevin, a young fellow in Buffalo Township who is tending high quality pasture raised chickens for eggs and meat.
Kopar Honey Farm – talk about local!  The Kopars keep bees on our farm, as well as other locations in southwestern, PA.
Clarion River Organics – we purchase potatoes, watermelon, winter squash and other items from them that we may not be growing this year.
Brenkel’s Organic Farm – in Zelienople, supplies us with a few veggies too. 
Conneautee Creamery – Artisan cheeses made from grass fed cows.
Harmony Hill Farm – supplies us with pasture raised, grass fed beef.  We’ll have ground beef on hand at $7/lb.
Northwoods Ranch – located in Gibsonia area, this farm specialies in all pasture raised, Non-GMO and soy free beef and pork.  They raise heritage breeds of pigs and Highland Cattle for beef.  Currently, we only have ground beef from these guys.
Hunter Farms –  keeps us supplied with the best Certified Organic Blueberries  around.  They usually start up in July.  
Una Biological – creams, salves, and balms.  All made in small batches, with organic and some locally sourced ingredients.

Value added from the Farm

We dabble in a few hand crafted items.  We’ll purchase fair trade, organic, green coffee beans and roast them in our wood oven.   

We just made some fantastic Garlic Salt this spring.  Mixed with high quality Himalayan Salt – it’s great for a seasoning on most meals and as an addition to popcorn!

Thanks for choosing our CSA.  We strive to grow nutrient dense, wholesome foods for you.  We think what we do is hard work – but important for our family, friends, and community.  There’s a few things that we find important: growing good food, participating in the local economy, being good stewards to the environment, providing our community with access to a farm, farm animals and the outdoors, and teaching new and beginning farmers what we know.  By being a CSA member and supporting our endeavors, you’re helping us to achieve our goals.  Thanks!!


Your Farmers,

Greg, Jen, Evelyn, Matt, Sam, Dawn and Haven


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