October 13th 2015 Newsletter

The Weekly Menu

What you can roughly expect to receive each week:

Here’s where we list what is going to be in the weekly shares. What we think we will harvest when writing the newsletter – may not necessarily be what’s actually ready on harvest day. We’ll do our best to get it right!

This week: Potatoes, Green Peppers, Red Italian (Corno Di Toro) Sweet Pepper, greens mix, beet greens, kale, scallions, arugula, haukeri turnips, and pumpkins!

Fall Days & here comes the frost(?!)

Fall is my favorite time of year – the sunny crisp days, lush greens, no insect pressure, just the right amount of rain, and the changing colors of the trees. It’s really great.

One of my favorite things to grow is Haukeri turnips – or White Egg Turnip (pictured below). It’s been a couple of years since we’ve have a great harvest of these little beauties. When I started farming (in my 20s), I’d never really eaten turnips. I was introduced to these guys at the first farm I worked at. They are sweet with a slight bite, tender, and yummy in so many ways. First, thinly sliced in salads… quick and easy. Second, (my favorite) quarter and boil till tender, then quickly sauté in butter and add a drizzle of (real) maple syrup and a sprinkle of salt. They are also great mashed with potatoes, roasted in the oven, or pickled. Don’t ignore those greens either – they are young and tender and you should eat them! I think you’ll fall in love too! (click on the links above for recipe ideas)

It was a success with the Sewickley Academy kids. 65 of them descended upon us and really cranked out some projects. We got about 80% of our garlic filed planted (thanks to you folks who help shuck garlic!) and all of our tomato stakes pulled out. Afterwards we couldn’t cook up enough pizza to keep the kids fed! We’re happy to have them back again next year!

Planting garlic in teams of 2

Tomato stakes ready to be pulled

Sewickley kids shucking garlic

We are coming to the end of our CSA

Here we are at week 18 of 20. For some of the 1/2 shares – next week will be your last pick up. I’ll be out of town next Wednesday at a PAWAgN Steering Committee meeting – so I’ll be extra sorry to miss you at the end of the CSA.

If you’re interested in signing up for the extended season CSA (Nov 4 – Dec 2nd), let me know. Pick up is at the barn on Wednesdays from 3pm – 7 pm. We’ll pack a bag for you – all you have to do is stop by, sign in and take your bag or bags. We’ll also have eggs and milk for sale. The 5 week extended CSA is $180.

You can expect to receive similar items to what you’re getting at the moment. Some things, like peppers, are not frost hardy – you’ll get more greens, root crops and squash.

Pastured Pork – Sign up now!

We’ve a couple months to go – but our piggies are growing fast and we need to get you locked in for buying a 1/2 or 1/4 of a hog if you’re interested.

Our pigs are raised on pasture with 100% non-GMO feed. They are Berkshires, which are known for being great on pasture and a good ratio of fat to meat. The pigs we raised last year were also Berks – and really turned out some amazing quality meat. If you need more details on what it means to buy a 1/2 or 1/4 hog, let me know – I’ll break it down for you! We need a deposit of $100. We’ve got 5 pigs and about 3 spoken for, so far.

Pastured Raised Chicken!

This is the last call for roasting chicken.

Kevin Jarosinski is winding down his operation for the season – and will be processing his birds next week. Please let me know if you’d like to reserve some roasting chickens for Oct 21 or Oct 28th. They are $5.50 a lb – and typically the birds are dressed around 4 – 6 lbs each. If you haven’t had one yet – you should give it a try – these birds a juicy, flavorful and well worth eating! You won’t forget it!




Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram – @blackberrymeadows.

Local Goods:

Natrona Bottling Co. – Brewed fresh here in Natrona, this beverage is High Fructose Corn Syrup Free and Local! If you’re gonna eat junk food – it might as well be local junk food!
Allegro Hearth Bakery Fresh bread and sweets available at the farm pickup only. Made fresh every Tuesday night – amazing stuff!
Jarosinski Farm – we’re excited to be working with Kevin, a young fellow in Buffalo Township who is tending high quality pasture raised chickens for eggs and meat.
Hannah’s Honeya local honey producer from Fox Chapel.
Clarion River Organics – we purchase potatoes, watermelon, winter squash and other items from them that we may not be growing this year.
Brenkel’s Organic Farm – in Zelienople, supplies us with a few veggies too.
Conneautee Creamery – Artisan cheeses made from grass fed cows.
Harmony Hill Farm – supplies us with pasture raised, grass fed beef. We’ll have ground beef on hand at $7/lb.
Northwoods Ranch – located in Gibsonia area, this farm specialies in all pasture raised, Non-GMO and soy free beef and pork. They raise heritage breeds of pigs and Highland Cattle for beef. Currently, we only have ground beef from these guys.
Hunter Farms – keeps us supplied with the best Certified Organic Blueberries around. They usually start up in July.
Una Biologicalcreams, salves, and balms. All made in small batches, with organic and some locally sourced ingredients.

Value added from the Farm

We dabble in a few hand crafted items. We’ll purchase fair trade, organic, green coffee beans and roast them in our wood oven.

Mom’s Red Raspberry Jelly (made with our berries and organic sugar!) will be available this week.

Also – we’ve roasted coffee! We’ll have that for sale too!

Thanks for choosing our CSA. We strive to grow nutrient dense, wholesome foods for you. We think what we do is hard work – but important for our family, friends, and community. There’s a few things that we find important: growing good food, participating in the local economy, being good stewards to the environment, providing our community with access to a farm, farm animals and the outdoors, and teaching new and beginning farmers what we know. By being a CSA member and supporting our endeavors, you’re helping us to achieve our goals. Thanks!!


Your Farmers,

Greg, Jen, Evelyn, Matt, Sam, Dawn and Haven

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