Contact Us

7115 Ridge Rd

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

724 226 3939

Click here for a Map to the farm.  Please call ahead to schedule a tour.


4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Mary McKnight says:

    Hi Jen! Just left you a voice mail about this, but am wondering if it is too late to get our share from Boyd yesterday…we had some miscommunication here, and both thought the other was doing the pickup…we can come and get it if it is still there. It’s totally ok if it’s not, we just thought we’d try! Mary McKnight

  2. Mary McKnight says:

    Can you call us and let us know, we are going to be out today. 412-352-1968

  3. Shelley Farber says:

    Good morning, I think i am signed up for the vegan dinner. Date and time again? Also, payment on the day? Let me know, please. I think this is in conjunction with Cure. There our four of us. Thanks.

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