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Come tomato season, everyone wishes they’d planted a garden. Sweet succulent fruits, crisp flavorful vegetables, soft delicious leaves are best when picked from just a few steps out of the back door. But if you are like most people, planning a garden in the dead of winter isn’t tops on the priority list. Luckily Blackberry Meadows, is providing the garden plants and expertise for you to begin planting your own peas and carrots, without opening a single garden catalog.

Heriloom Tomatoes 3

Garden Share is a subscription program which supplies the young plants (seedlings) and seeds to gardeners when they need to be planted – simplifying the planning process. All that’s necessary is a prepped garden bed, composted and fertilized – and a few minutes to meet with the farmer throughout the summer to receive the plants and a bit of advice. As per usual, you will still have to tend the crops and harvest, but by taking on the work yourself – you can save over 80% on vegetables this summer.


And these aren’t just any vegetables, they are all rare unique varieties, exactly like the one’s grown at Blackberry Meadows. Unlike anything you’ve tasted from a retail store, these rare wonders were picked for their flavor and color intensities – ensuring that they are providing the most nutrition in every bite! Starting with peas, onions, chard, kale, lettuces and leafy greens in April – the garden season officially kicks off in mid-may with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and just about all of our other food crops.  Deliveries continue throughout the summer with fall crops and the last delivery in October is when it’s time to plant the garlic for next year.

For larger gardens, community gardens, public programs, or even for market gardeners – Garden Share comes in bulk as well. Discounts up to 30% or more can be saved when buying 10 or more subscriptions. But be careful, Garden Share is big enough to supply one of the farm’s plus size CSA shares, which is enough for two families to enjoy vegetables throughout the summer. Better think about taking a canning workshop or learn how to freeze those veggies before getting started with bulk shares!


Since feeding the hungry is a high priority, Blackberry Meadows gives extra discounts for sponsoring someone else’s garden! To launch the Garden Share, Blackberry Meadows is “sharing” 50 Garden Shares with local garden clubs, non-profits and community gardens that specifically focus on garden education and feeding the hungry. The farmers dream that one day seed banks will be more popular than food banks!

“There is no cheaper way to feed hungry people than to grow food in their backyards,” says Greg Boulos of Blackberry Meadows, “Sun, rain, soil, some muscle power and a one penny seed will get you $10 in produce. If a farmer doesn’t have to provide all that muscle power, then you will keep the $10 in your pocket!”


seeds sprouting in soil


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