Who’s on the farm?

Jen Montgomery

With 16 years of organic farming experience behind her, Jen and Greg decided to take on the challenge of Blackberry Meadows Farm in 2007. She’s worked on farms in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and as far away as Scotland and New Zealand. After all of her worldly farm travels, she took time out to earn her Masters in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University, where she studied the science and theory behind the various styles of Sustainable Agriculture. It’s important to keep farm work flowing. With keeping the big picture in mind, she helps to make this farm an enjoyable and productive place to be.

Greg Boulos

Greg Boulos is the on-farm handyman and can fix just about anything. With a Masters in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University he’s put to use his vast knowledge base of alternative energy, green building and ecological design to catalyze green projects around the Pittsburgh region. He’s got the ‘black thumb’ from fixing equipment and moving rocks. Besides heavy lifting, he works to develop the ‘systems’ which provide fertility and efficiency to the farm operation. He’s also our business manager (of sorts) and wrote our stellar business plan!

Evelyn Montgomery-Boulos

WIMG_7825elcome our newest farmer to Blackberry Meadows! Evelyn is happy to be here and help out on the farm. Currently, she’s helping us to keep life in perspective by taking two steps forward and one step back.  She’ll pull the seedlings out of the ground, as we plant them; fill up holes that we dig, rip flowers off the tops of plants; and keep us laughing.  “Here comes the Evelanche!”


1 Response to Who’s on the farm?

  1. Sam Steel says:

    Jen and Greg: Best wishes to both of you. Evelyn has grown so much since 2012 when Dr. Murphy and I visited to conduct the tractor and machinery safety workshop. Have a safe and profitable year! Sam Steel

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